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Cryptologic is the first plug and play platform for risk management and compliance in Web3
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A New Way to do Risk Management

Leverage state-of-the-art AI and to automate every single task in your compliance pipeline.
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  • The power of AI

    Enable AI to reduce the number of false positives. Let our algorithm investigate for you.
  • Anyone can use it

    Using our zero learning curve approach, we provide you with a clear explanation of our risk score, and provide you actionable insights.
  • Monitor your Client Activity

    Leverage a comprehensive set of triggers and actions to
  • Get ready in 15 minutes

    Our tool is plug and play, meaning it will take minutes to setup and start using, instead of hours.

Why Cryptologic is Necessary

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Upcoming Regulation - MiCA and the Travel Rule

"I loved this project. AML and CTF are two fields that will be very hot in the following years. In many cases, client data is registered in Excel sheets. New solutions are more than ever a necessity."

Miguel Dinis Lucas, Lawyer
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Compliance Takes Time

"There is still no tool to help identify the sender and recipient of every transaction. Something that will be needed in the future."

Anais Jeridi, Compliance Analyst

Who are we?

Our team works 24/7 to protect your platform. We believe crypto mass adoption is only possible by using the most advanced technology to keep it safe.
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    Luís Parra
    Passionate about Artificial Intelligence. Second time founder with successful exit.
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    John Bertakis
    Across a 30 year career with strong credentials he developed expertise in board, C-level and venture roles.
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    Pedro Ribeiro
    Pedro has a decade of experience with software development. He led two teams in blockchain development.

Our Partners:

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